7 Reasons to Travel in the Fall

Fall is the hidden gem of golf travel seasons. The air is crisp, the grass is as green as it’s going to get, and the rates are lower for most fall season getaways. Here are the 7 reasons you should consider fall for your golf getaway:

  1. The weather. Nothing beats the weather this time of year, especially when you get a warmish day without the humidity. It’s just absolutely perfect to play golf.
  2. Golf courses are less crowded. While golf is supposed to be relaxing for and enjoyable for everyone, it can quickly become tense and annoying on a crowded course when you’re waiting on every shot and pushing a six-hour round. Not a worry in the fall months.
  3. Pace of play. Similar to less-crowded courses, I guess, but pace of play is huge for a lot of people. In the cooler months, people are more prone to finish quicker – it gets windy and there’s less daylight.
  4. New golf clubs. Chances are, you can find a lot of deals on golf clubs as the year winds down. Rather than wait until the spring when the prices go up, why not get a set now? Plus the manufacturers are introducing their new equipment this time of year, so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest now.
  5. The foliage. Absolutely breathtaking. That’s the only way to describe the foliage in the fall in so many destinations
  6. Extra roll. As the weather gets cooler, the golf courses firm up. The extra yardage on a well-struck tee shot is nice, but it can present an extra challenge if the greens are firmer..
  7. Less expensive to play.  Here are some fall specials to sample:

Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has some amazing fall deals including unlimited golf.

The Resort at Glade Springs in Southern West Virginia (pictured below) also boasts an unlimited golf special in November. See their Late Season package.

Golf Santee® off I-95 in South Carolina offers a 3 night/3 day golf package for $221 per person this Fall.

Kentucky State Park Golf Packages start under $100 per person (and that includes a $30 gift card) for one night and one round.

Get 15% off Fall Golf Packages in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach, Alabama