Buddy Golf Trips vs Girlfriend Golf Getaways

menMen and women are different. Stating the obvious, but I’d like to make the case that from a golf vacation perspective, they aren’t so very different. The most important aspect of any golf trip is the camaraderie, even if in surveys golfers always state that it’s the quality of golf or the weather. Pshaw, I say! With whom you choose to travel to play that long-desired course or visit that much-anticipated golfing hotspot is the key to a successful trip, even more than the hotel amenities, speed of the greens, cost of the trip, and overall hospitality. Your traveling partners (buddies or girlfriends) can make or break your experience.

But even beyond the need to make sure you can actually travel with the people on your trip, men and women still want the same five things when they play golf away from home:

  1. Unique golf experiences with multiple choices
  2. Convenient and clean accommodations with preferred amenities (which vary, of course, no matter the gender)
  3. Friendly service everywhere they visit
  4. Great dining and nightlife options (even if the choice made ranges from playing poker in the hotel lobby with pizza to finding a great sushi restaurant to a 4 course steak dinner with after dinner drinks and cigars)
  5.  And of course they want the things mostly no one can control to be perfect… weather, travel, and breaking their own best score on the course.


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