Northern Mississippi: Blues, BBQ, and Golf

If you love the blues, there is nowhere like Mississippi.

By Matt Saternus. Founder, Editor in Chief at

Not Your Average Golf Trip

If you want to wake up, play 36 holes a day, pass out, and do it again, there are plenty of destinations that will meet your needs.  However, if you’re looking to take a trip that blends high quality, affordable golf with great food and an unmatched cultural experience, there’s one place for you: the Mississippi Delta.

The Music

The Americana Music Triangle includes virtually the entire state of Mississippi.  That’s not an accident of geography; MIssissippi is essential to America’s musical history and its present.

Towns throughout Mississippi celebrate the blues, but nowhere does it quite like Clarksdale.  The home of the fabled Crossroads – where Robert Johnson is believed to have sold his soul for the ability to play the blues – has live blues 365 nights each year.  It’s also home to dozens of festivals celebrating music and the arts, none more popular than Juke Joint Festival held in April.

If you’re up for a drive, you can travel the Mississippi Blues Trail.  Throughout the state, signs marks some of the most significant places in the history of the blues (like Dockery Plantation, above).  If you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into the history of the blues, head to Oxford.  The University of Mississippi’s library is home to the Blues Archives, which you can experience if you phone ahead.  It’s an unbelievably rich collection of materials, including BB King’s personal record collection.

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