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Golf's Top Hotspots

Choosing a golf destination for your annual golf trip is a fun and sometimes challenging task. Different people want different experiences in their dream golf vacation. Some in your group may want to stay at a multi-course, full-service golf resort and never leave the premises. Some may want to play as many different courses as possible and just crash in a convenient hotel to play poker each night. And some may want to explore the local restaurants, craft breweries and other nightlife, while playing great golf all day.

After the couple of year’s we’ve had, this year’s decision may be harder still. The many destinations in this edition of Let’s Golf® are genuinely ready to host golf travelers. Easy drives on the appropriate interstate from most of the Northeast and Midwest will get you to your choice of one of our vacation hotspots in less than a day. As with much of the country, their hotels, restaurants and other attractions have embraced safety protocols to ensure you can confidently visit. And as you’ve experienced all year back home, the golf courses you’ll play on your golf trip have seamlessly created social-distancing measures that you’ll hardly notice.

The vast majority of the golf courses within the locations in our guide are open year round. The Southeast United States boasts some of the best winter, spring and fall weather for golf anywhere around. And for summer golf vacations, there’s no better location than Northern Michigan. You just need to decide when you want to go, how far you want to travel, what you want to spend per night, what kind of lodging you prefer and what level of golf courses you want to play.

If you’re also looking for activities off the course, we can assure you that our featured vacation locales can provide unique options. You can choose to fish in the coastal locations; visit historic sites and museums indicative of the place; hike or bike on trails to get your heat pumping; try your luck at a gaming hall; or just stroll shops along a beach or avenue.

Restaurant offerings in in our destinations range from delectable fried chicken, smoked barbecue and pub grub of burgers to fresh-caught seafood from both oceans and lakes, traditional meat and three vegetables and even fine dining to surprise and delight you.

The bottom line is that you and your family, business associates or buddy group deserve some time in the sun, walking the fairways, leaving all your cares behind, and creating a special time of camaraderie that only your annual golf trip can provide. So, take a look through the pages in this guide and don’t just dream about your trip, make your plans to get away soon.

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